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QCTA Coaching Reports
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Brisbane ISSF August 2010
Gemfields October 2010
Roma November 2010
Atherton December 2010
Gold Coast February 2011
Cunnamulla June 2011
Brisbane ISSF/DTL June 2011
Roma DTL July 2011
Gold Coast September 2011
Gemfields October 2011
Dalby November 2011
Gold Coast DTL February 2012
Charters Towers April 2012
Atherton April 2012
Maryborough June 2012
Moonie August 2012
Blackall September 2012
Mackay Sarina Oct 2012
Blackwater Skeet Nov 2012
Caboolture DTL January 2013
Gold Coast DTL February 2013
Townsville March 2013
Chinchilla June 2013
Surat August 2013
Ilfracombe September 2013
Gladstone October 2013
Warwick January 2014
Gold Coast February 2014
Silkwood June 2014
Rockhampton October 2014
Kingaroy November 2014
Townsville June 2017

Townsville 2017
June 17-18
Thirty-one people attended on the Saturday with a couple of ring ins towards the end of the day. Skill level varied from three or four people who had never shot before (one was really nervous but by the end of the day was completely hooked), through to top end of A grade.
We (the coaches) have always found problems in clumps and it was no different here. Vision was one of the main hiccups - dominant eye, where to look, no target but gun going (not sure where but still going), eye gun separation, look at target not gun.
Double rise on Sunday morning was like a breath of fresh air, they took to it like ducks to water and the odd "holy s***, did you see that" and the smiles were hugely rewarding.
Cheers Kiwi (Richard Morrison)

2015 Coaching ReportThis year, the three coaches Richard, Bill and Daryl, coached from the Gold Coast in the south to "The Curry" in the north, Toowoomba in the East to Toompine in the West.
Warwick and The Gemfields were thrown in as well, making it 6 coaching clinics for the year.
All were well attended with 168 official participants, plus a few "ring-ins".
Several people completed their Club Coaching Accreditation during these coaching weekends which was great to see.
Many thanks to the people behind the scenes who make these weekends possible.
Both 2016 and 2017 are fully booked with 5 week-ends to be held during each year.
Until next year, good shooting and safe travelling.
Richard Morrison

November 1 - 2 2014
Peter Powne and Col Gurski welcomed us to the club on what turned out to be a very pleasant week-end.
The Police guys rolled in a little later and were really helpful.
18 of the 25 people booked turned up. The apologies from the ones that didn't basically said "pumping water for stock". With the horrifically dry conditions, this was not surprising.
The 18 participants with a couple of late ring-ins went through the classroom.
They went to Daryl for gun fit, across the lanes with Richard, then reinforcement with Bill.
Sunday was Double Rise, with some surprising results after explanations.
Many thanks to Kingaroy Gun Club for their hospitality
Richard Morrison

October 2014
Bill, Daryl and Richard rolled into Rocky on Friday arvo and were greeted by Wing and Noky with welcoming drinks.
Saturday bought beautiful weather and 23 shooters with a couple of ring-ins.
Coaching started with a shot across the lanes and many styles were noted with some "help!" looks between the coaches.
Classroom session was held after with many questions asked and answered followed by one on one pattern board and gun fit, with Sunday bringing a double rise and competition shoot.
"I just shot my first 25"
"I just shot 49/50"
"I just shot 75 points"
"Holy shit it does work!"
These were just some of the comments, and they made it all worth-while.
Thank you Rocky for all your hospitality.
Richard Morrison

June 2014
Silkwood - an old/new club (closed for a long time and recently re-opened with 75 plus members).
This club hosted a coaching weekend on June 21-22 with 35 plus shooters in attendance.
Bill, Daryl and Richard went through the familiar routine of a shot across the tracks, classroom session on the basics, and then one on one with gun fit/pattern board and across the lanes.
There was many an amazed look on how simple the basics were, and then smiles as this was put into practice across the lanes with very successful results.
A huge thank you to Peter and Leanna Robson who picked us up, delivered us, drove us around, fed and watered us and supplied accommodation for us.
Thank you again for your hospitality.
Richard Morrison

Gold Coast
February 2014
The Gold Coast hosted another fantastic coaching week-end on the 8th and 9th of February with 40 participants plus 2 or 3 "ring ins"
It was great to see 8 or 9 juniors participating and it was satisfying watching them and all the others soak up the information.
One eye, two eyes, "blind bambi" (no eyes) was discussed often, with everybody seemingly satisfied in the end.
Double Rise on Sunday was followed by "The Unpaid Bills Day". Congratulations to Daryl (the machine) Stevens who shot the program clean.
Thanks to the Gold Coast for their hospitality.
Richard Morrison

January 2014
Warwick played host to 27 shooters for a coaching weekend on the 18th and 19th of January 2014, the first one for this year.
The participants kept Richard, Daryl and Bill very busy with "Gunfit", "Across the lanes" and "Reinforcing the basics".
The question "Do you understand why you do this?" was asked many times. Often the reply was "Ummm, no, this is how I was told".
By the end of the weekend most understood why they did what they did, and with a few corrections some things were made much easier for them.
Thanks to the Warwick Gun Club for their hospitality.
Richard Morrison

September 14 - 15 2013
A glorious day with magnificent views was turned on for the Saturday.
29 participants were involved with Daryl at "gunfit" being kept very busy.
Richard on the lanes had no time to stop, except on direct orders from the club president "Get in here for 10 minutes or you will fry".
Bill running groups through the second trap was busy reinforcing "The Basics".
Sunday was another great day with a little breeze that made the Double Rise targets interesting.
A big thank-you to the Gladstone CTC for their hospitality.
Richard Morrison

September 14 - 15 2013
Ilfracombe Clay Target Club, played host to 18 shooters from Barcaldine, Blackall, Cloncurry, Mackay-Sarina & Ilfracombe for a coaching weekend on September 14 &15.
Coaches for the weekend were Richard Morrison & Daryl Stevens, with Ilfracombe coach Davo Back helping out.
Saturday started with the usual 10 targets or so across the tracks, then onto a classroom session on the basics and then onto gun fit and pattern board with Daryl followed by one on one with Richard and finally group practice with Davo.
Sunday morning started with Double Rise, unfortunately windy conditions made it difficult for both shooters and coaches. The coaching finished up by mid morning just in time for 100 targets of handicap. Thanks to Richard, Daryl and Davo and to all the people who helped make the weekend a success and to the QCTA for their continued support of coaching.

Robert Hoolihan
Hot and dry with a hell of a wind on Sunday, were the conditions for the 18 to 20 people who attended.
Daryl on "gunfit" and Richard working across the lanes, with both Hoolie and Dave Bach assisting. It was great to see how enthusiastic those two guys were.
"The Basics" were soaked up by the participants and it was surprising how many new and different questions were asked.
Double Rise on Sunday was followed by a 100 Target Handicap, both in a howling head wind.
Thanks to Pam Stevens for the photos, and to the Ilfracombe Gun Club for their hospitality.

Richard Morrison
Photos to come

August 17 - 18 2013
Surat turned on a pleasant day for the 18 participants who attended the coaching. Numbers were reduced somewhat due to last minute work commitments.
With this number we were able to see everyone more than once, which made for a very thorough covering of "The Basics".
Bill Allen was in attendance helping both Daryl and Richard. It is great that Bill has come on board to assist with the coaching.
A big thank-you to Geoff and Viv Moore for organizing the weekend, and to anyone else who assisted.
Richard Morrison

June 22 - 23 2013
First of all thanks must go to Rodney Woodrow for all the time and effort he has put in during the years that he was coaching. His starting date is unknown (he is fairly long in the tooth), but Townsville in March 2013 was his last official coaching week-end. It is through his (Woody's) efforts that coaching in Queensland has become, and is, as successful as it is.
"Thank you Woody" from everyone that you have coached, we wish you all the best for the future.
Chinchilla provided a chilly, rather foggy start to the week-end for the 21 participants arranged by the Chinchilla Gun Club. As this was the first coaching weekend with Richard stepping into the "big dog shoes", he, Daryl and Bill were very happy with this number (not too many).
Everything went well - initial observation of shooters, classroom time, gun fit, pattern board, across the lanes shooting. Some people were in need of more assistance than others. Everything was wrapped up by 4:30 on Saturday afternoon.
Double Rise was covered on Sunday morning. This was followed by a 25 target event. Coaching was concluded by 2:00pm.
Thanks to Pam Stevens for taking photos during the weekend, and to Mal and Brenda Collins for their hospitality on Saturday night.
Richard Morrison

DTL, Trench
March 9 - 10 2013
Townsville Gun club arranged for a coaching weekend after the State Carnival in 2012, so 10 months later saw it come to fruition. Friday saw 5 people (Peter Mackey, Peter Ballarino, Ben Beasley, Wayne Read & Dave Bach) go through the Club Coach course covering pattern board, track work and the mandatory class work. As Daryl never arrived until Friday night, they all went through the Gun fit more thoroughly as students on Saturday.
Jar Smaniotto, Daryl Stevens & Richard Morrison all arrived on Friday night for the combined DTL & ISSF weekend.
Saturday morning at 7.30am saw a lower than expected number of 26 due to unforseen circumstances stopping several more from getting to the weekend. Everyone started as DTL with the usual format, however once past the pattern board & gun fit, all did the DTL and at least 20 took advantage of the availability of Jar to learn more about shooting Trench. With the lower numbers, this allowed many to go back past the coaches and stock maker to keep on building on what was being taught and allowed the day to finish at around 4.45pm.
Sunday didn't have very many at all for the Double Rise, however this allowed the opportunity for Jar to coach the DTL coaches and show them the basics of shooting Trench, as well as any others that wanted more training. The day finished with the new coaches finalizing their paperwork and everyone managed to get away at around 12.30pm.
Thanks to the Townsville Gun club for their hospitality, and a special thanks to Peter & Kylie Ballarino for billeting all the coaches, picking us up and getting us back to the airport and ferrying them to & from the Gun Club. They say a picture is worth a thousand words.

Gold Coast
February 9 - 10 2013
The Gold Coast gun club put its hand up again (straight after the coaching in 2012) for a coaching weekend in February and they were extremely well supported once again. Friday saw 6 new coaches and one other who did his course in September 2011, go through everything with Daryl and Rod. Three of these people were from the NSW club of Richmond River. The day started at 8am as the showers came in, however a bit of classroom work before the coaches were put over the tracks for a shot & then through the pattern board and track work, allowed the rain to clear. The coaches were subjected to the same training regime as the shooters were going to have on Saturday but with a much "in depth" explanation of everything as Daryl and Rod went about coaching them. The afternoon was spent doing classroom work on the "art of coaching" interspersed with rounds of shooting to keep the mind from nodding off. The day finished at 5pm.
Saturday saw the team of Daryl, Richard & Rod go through the familiar routine of a shot across the tracks, classroom session on the basics and then one on one with 34 shooters, of which several were from Richmond River Gun club in NSW. The 7 prospective coaches from Friday moved around all day between the three main coaches and also encouraged those waiting to try some of the eye exercises Rod brought down, as did Bill Allan who is sussing out whether he would like to work with Daryl and Richard (and maybe, be the designated driver (he wasn't) on Saturday night) as they continue to coach in 2013. Rod has the prospective coaches use this as a way of ensuring more knowledge of coaching techniques is retained. As Rod seemed to be not making much headway by 12 o'clock, Richard worked with some of the shooters to show them the basics before they moved on to the practice layout. With this, the day was mostly completed by 5.30pm. Sunday started at 7.30am and saw a lot less of those from Saturday due to prior commitments. The problems written on the board from Saturday were covered before moving on to the Double Rise classroom session. Due to the lower numbers however, this allowed a good session on the Double Rise on the tracks. The coaching finished at 9.45 and the "Unpaid Bills" shoot got underway. Many thanks to Debbie and the Gold Coast Gun club for their continued support and great hospitality, as well as Megan and Wendy for the photos.

January 19-20 2013
Caboolture provided a rather warm day with a breeze to keep things pleasant, for the first DTL coaching weekend for 2013 and we were told there were 27 participants, however Richard counted 31 on Saturday morning and we had one extra on Sunday so the attendance was a good start for the year to come. There was a good cross section of shooters from novice to AA and more "back problems" than we have encountered at any single venue. Saturday started with chef Tony insisting the coaching team of Daryl, Richard and Rod, have some bacon and eggs before getting the coaching underway at about 7.45am.
The program was the usual shot across the tracks (which was a little shorter than usual due to target problems), then the classroom session and then one on one for the day. The last person completed their track work at 6pm which was a little on the dark side so two people came back on Sunday morning to finish off before we reviewed the whiteboard and then moved on to Double Rise. The coaching completed at about 10am before moving in to a competition shoot to hopefully see if the information gained would provide results.
Thanks to Gerry Chizzotti for the photos and Brett and Tony for organising the coaching weekend as well as keeping us fed and watered.

2012 End of Year
The coaching for the year has been well attended with 183 people attending seven DTL weekends in total and 12 attending the Skeet weekend. There were 3 people who did their Club Coach accreditation.
Next year's coaching program starts with Caboolture on the 19th & 20th of January which is one of seven confirmed DTL coaching weekends booked for 2013, meaning that the DTL coaching program is totally booked for 2013 and was by the 21st of October. There would be weekends available for the other disciplines, however arrangements should start to be made so as to allow a spot to be found in the shooting calendar.
Thanks to all those that worked to make the 2012 coaching year the success it was and we look forward to seeing what 2013 holds. Also a special thanks to Holly for keeping the coaching website up to date with all the photos and reports.

November 24 - 25 2012

Blackwater Gun club hosted a Skeet coaching clinic on the 24th & 25th of November with discipline specific coach, Laurie Sceresini and stock maker, Dennis Harwood in attendance. Twelve shooters attended (of which two were Juniors) and were given a classroom session of the fundamentals before moving out to the tracks to have guns patterned and adjusted if necessary and then to receive "one on one" coaching covering Hold Points, Feet Positions and Setup which are the ingredients to consistency and high scores. Everyone then moved back inside to receive more on "technique and set up, for each station" as well as covering the shooting of "Doubles". Due to the number of attendees, there was plenty of attention available on the tracks and Dennis also videoed a session which helped in the training process. The coaching finished at about 3pm on Sunday and those attending would like to thank Laurie and Dennis for their dedication towards helping others improve and giving freely of their knowledge to better the sport.

October 5-6 2012
Mackay/Sarina hosted the last official QCTA DTL coaching weekend for 2012 with 21 participants on Saturday and 2 more driving up from Rockhampton for Sunday morning to utilize Daryl's services. Participants came from the local area as well as good support from Dysart. The coaching got underway at 7.45am with the usual format of a shot across the tracks and then the classroom session.
The usual coaching team of Daryl, Richard and Rod, with good support from Robert Hoolihan the CZ coaching co-ordinator and coach, provided a steady flow of people throughout the day. Once again the track work seemed to be the slow cog, but the last person was finished by 5.15pm.
Sunday was review and then on to the Double Rise. Some people took the opportunity to shoot a few more single targets as well, but everyone was asked to knock off at about 10.30 as they were starting to show fatigue faults which would not help the coaching information. Many thanks to George Oats, Allan Love and others for their hospitality over the weekend.

Sept 15-16 2012
With the past two years very well supported by Central Zone shooters at the Gemfields coaching days, it was still suggested by the State Coaching Co-ordinator that the coaches travel farther afield to assist shooters that feel they only wanted to shoot at their local club.
Blackall Gun Club put their hand up and it was very well supported with 25 shooters from clubs such as Barcaldine, Ilfracombe , Springsure, Mt Isa, Weribee (a visiting traveler)and a good contingent from the local club.
People started arriving at 7.30am and things got fully underway at 8am. It was the usual format of a shot across the tracks, classroom session and then all "one on one," with the coaching team of Daryl Stevens, Richard Morrison and Rodney Woodrow. Everything flowed well but Rod still had one to do and one to double check on Sunday morning despite having to call it quits at 6.05pm as the light finally disappeared.
Sunday was the review and then Double Rise. Unfortunately the traps did not want to co-operate with the DR, but everyone still got to shoot at some and did learn the meaning of variation on the first target. The coaching finished at about 10.30 with a couple of events to follow.
Many thanks to Jim Taylor from Blackall and Robert Hoolihan the CZ co-ordinator for putting it all together as well as Sally Cripps for the extra photos.

August 25 - 26 2012
Moonie Gun club requested a coaching weekend after their two-day shoot in February and the organisers could be well pleased with the support they received. Of the thirty seven people that attended, the bulk were from the local club, some family travelling over 200k home just to participate. Support also came from Tarawera, Surat, Moree, Buderim and a special visit from the NSWCTA Northern Zone coaching co-ordinator, Peter Holmes from Tamworth for a 10 hour round trip. Peter went through the coaching to analyse and critique our process to see if there might be something he could use in his zone.
People started arriving before 7.30am on Saturday and proceedings finally got going at 8am with the usual shot across the tracks in front of the coaching team of Daryl Stevens, Richard Morrison and Rod Woodrow, then the classroom session before moving into the one on one coaching. There was a big variation in skill levels which meant a lot of time was needed to be spent on the very fundamentals both on the pattern board and the track work. This meant that Rod still wasn't finished at 5.45pm when the light went out properly. A further one and a half hours was spent on Sunday morning to put through those that had poor light the night before as well as those that hadn't got through on Saturday. We then had the review session and then the Double Rise to complete the weekend at around 11am.

June 22-24 2012
Maryborough Gun club was host to 23 people for a two and a half day coaching weekend which started on Friday afternoon with three new coaches (Nathan Busteed, Corey Bylsma and Trevor Cecil) starting their Club coach accreditation. Daryl had to do a fair bit of track and fitting work while waiting for Richard and Rod to appear due to the taxi service running behind time. Saturday morning had to start a little differently, though still at 8am due to a restriction on shooting times, however by splitting the classroom session, everything managed to be covered and the coaches got a look at what was in store for them before going into the main session.
Attendees came from Gladstone, Central Burnett, Caboolture, Bundaberg and Maryborough. Both days were not your typical beautiful one day, perfect the next as it was drizzling most of the time with a chill wind helping it out which made things a little uncomfortable to say the least. Daryl was more than happy to paint his own pattern board by later in the afternoon. Saturday finished at around 5.20pm and then Sunday was for revision and then double rise before the SEZ Continental day. Many thanks to the SEZ coaching co-ordinator, Gerry Chizzotti, for organizing the weekend and taking the photos.

April 28-29 2012
The Atherton Gun Club once again welcomed the coaches for a coaching weekend on the 28th & 29th of April 2012. 15 shooters managed to get there with several others that had hoped to turn up, not managing to make it. The coaches for the occasion were Jar Smaniotto, Daryl Stevens and Rodney Woodrow. The day started at 8am with the customary look at the attendees and then into the clubhouse for a chat. It was then one on one until the single target coaching was completed at about 3.30pm. It was back to the classroom for review and then on to the Double Rise. Proceedings finished at about 6pm and then there was some more follow-up on Sunday morning with the total completion at 1pm. Many thanks to the host club for their hospitality and Jar for providing the support as the extra coach.

Charters Towers
April 25th 2012
The Charters Towers gun club provided a lovely venue and good workload for a one day coaching clinic on Anzac Day 2012. With a minute's silence before the start of proceedings, things got underway at 8.30am with the customary 10 targets for the coaches to have a look at what was in store for them. Of the 24 shooters, approximately half came from the local club with the rest from Townsville and Ayr.
Daryl had a good spot with trees providing shade and many different pattern board painters to lighten his workload. Things flowed through at a steady pace and the single target coaching finished at about 4pm. 10 people had to head home prior to the "review" session, which was done at about 4.15 and then the Double Rise coaching was conducted. Shooters decided that they had been through enough for the day at about 5.30pm and the scene was then tidied up.
Many thanks to president, Doug Killick, for making the effort to organize this mid week coaching day which had a great roll-up, and all the other people that fed and watered those attending.

Gold Coast
February 11-12 2012
Gold Coast gun club hosted the first coaching seminar for 2012 and was well attended once again with 33 people. Shooters came from various clubs including Richmond River in NSW, Toogoolawah, Brisbane, Warwick, Caboolture and the Gold Coast. The Saturday started at 8am with the customary shot across the tracks and then the classroom session. Due to unfortunate circumstances, the services of Richard Morrison were unavailable and so Daryl was kept busy on the stock work and pattern board, however he was looked after with Fiona Perry doing most of the pattern board painting for him.
Col Witt filled in for Richard on the second layout after they had done the track work with Rod, and we thank him for his assistance. Saturday finished at an early time of 5.30pm. Sunday morning saw the review of the problems written on the white board and then the Double Rise. Everyone managed to get quite a bit of Double Rise practice before the shooting competition started for the Unpaid Bills day.
Thanks to Greg Smith for the photos and Gold Coast gun club for their customary hospitality.

November 26-27
Dalby Gun Club was the final seminar for the year and a good roll-up was on the cards until the weather intervened and many had to cancel out. There were still about 16 who managed to make it for the seminar and there was plenty of time for follow-up work, which many took advantage of. The Double Rise was also covered on the Saturday, but Sunday morning was still busy until after the Christmas shoot start time of 10am.
The coaching for the year has been well attended with 140 people attending seven weekends in total. There were 13 people who did their Club Coach accreditation with 10 of these attending a weekend run specifically for this purpose.
Next year's coaching program starts with the Gold Coast on the second weekend in February which is one of three confirmed coaching weekends booked for 2012 along with another tentative booking.
Thanks to all those that worked to make the 2011 coaching year the success it was and we look forward to seeing what 2012 holds. Also a special thanks to Holly for keeping the coaching website up to date with all the photos and reports.
Rodney Woodrow
QCTA State Coaching Co-ordinator


October 7, 8, 9 2011
Once again the Central Zone and Gemfields gun club combined to provide another full weekend of coaching on the 7th, 8th & 9th of October.
Friday started just after midday with three new coaches doing their Club Coach accreditation. Jim Taylor, Steve Millar and Tony Coco went through the course modules and when Daryl managed to arrive after suspension troubles on his van, they were taken through gun fit, pattern board and fine tuning before moving to the tracks to do more practical work with Rod. They then spent more classroom time until 5.30pm.
Saturday managed to get underway at 8am with 34 people doing the coaching course. The coaches were once again, Daryl Stevens and Richard Morrison flat out on stock fitting and adjustment, Rodney Woodrow doing the track work with Brian Muirson and Robbie Cross assisting where needed and Jim, Steve and Tony floating between all three work stations to gain as much coaching knowledge as possible. Saturday was a better day for shooting than fishing as the wind was like a gusting blast furnace and it provided much intrigue on the pattern board. The last person finished across the tracks at 6.29pm which was getting on the darker side of things.
Sunday saw a much kinder day for the Double Rise after the review of the previous day's problems and the practical coaching managed to finish at about 10am for the monthly shoot whereas the three new coaches had to finalise their paperwork before their weekend was done.

Gold Coast
Coach the Coaches
September 24 & 25 2011
The Gold Coast gun club provided a busy weekend on the 24th & 25th of September as ten new coaches did their Club Coach accreditation.
The Saturday started at 7.40am with the prospective coaches having a shot across the tracks in front of Daryl Stevens, Debbie Young and Rod Woodrow. They then moved into the clubhouse to begin the course as a new shooter, then outside again to do practical gun fit and tuning with Daryl. Everyone shot the pattern board and the prospective coaches got to analyse what was being done and how Daryl went about it. They then moved to the tracks and Rod put all the shooters through the track work part of things with explanations given on the reasons for his approach.
The rest of Saturday was spent doing the modules and bookwork, interspersed with visits to the tracks to keep the interest levels up.
Sunday morning started at 7.40am again with some SWOTs done on a coaching scenario. After smoko, the coaches were paired off and did practical coaching on some shooters. Everyone then had to fill out and finalise their paperwork before the conclusion of the course.
Thanks again to the Gold Coast for their hospitality and enthusiasm. (Photos to come)

July 16 & 17 2011

Once again Roma provided a good number for coaching with 22 of the 26 booked in managing to attend. The 8am start saw a cold, bleak and periodically wet Saturday where the use of portable shades was more about trying to keep dry, though there wasn't too much escape from the wind which thankfully was not overly strong. The sun managed a visit late on Saturday but Sunday morning came in fogged over until it cleared to a fine day.
The coaches in attendance were the usual team of Richard Morrison, Daryl Stevens and Rodney Woodrow. The weekend began as usual with the shot across the tracks and then the classroom session which was somewhat more enjoyable due to the cold conditions. The pattern board provided much information as usual and was quite enlightening to some that couldn't work out why targets weren't being hit as they used to be. Daryl and Richard were kept busy with alterations to try and fine tune the guns on hand.
It was good to see some shooters from last year's coaching, come back to go through it all again. The improvement from last year was substantial to say the least and pleasing for those conducting the seminar. A couple of major eye discrepancies were found in some of the new attendees and these people may seek the services of a sports optometrist to see if a remedy can be found.
Saturday saw the last person go across the track work at 5pm before moving up to the second layout to test things out. Sunday morning was review before the Double Rise session which saw the gremlins once again working on one of the coach's guns. Once fixed, all went well and the weekend was wound up at 10.45 for the monthly shoot to get under way.

Brisbane Gun Club
June 25 & 26
There is no doubt that the management of the host club would be disappointed with the roll-up on the weekend of the 25th & 26th of June at the combined ISSF and DTL coaching weekend, as even the confirmed numbers didn't turn up.
Jar Smaniotto flew down from Cairns to do the ISSF and only two people managed to attend, so Richard Morrison the extra DTL coach took the time to learn some pointers from Jar. Unfortunately Daryl Stevens and Rod Woodrow were still busy or otherwise they would have been very willing participants also.
Nine people started the DTL coaching and another three came in later on Saturday and one more on Sunday. Plenty of time was afforded to those that attended and the opportunity for more gun fit and track work was taken up.
The Double Rise component was also done on Saturday due to the available time, but a couple of shooters that had left were taken through it again on Sunday morning.
Thanks to president Malory for the hospitality and photos.

June 18 & 19
Cunnamulla Gun club provided a great venue for a two day DTL coaching weekend on the 18th & 19th of June 2011. Both days started quite cool with not quite a frost as winter starts to settle in and Saturday had a cool wind that made sure that you kept your jumper on. The coaches in attendance were Daryl Stevens, Richard Morrison and Rodney Woodrow.
There were 25 shooters on Saturday and an extra 3 on Sunday who were unable to attend on Saturday. This number provided a good workload for the coaches and allowed the shooters to go back for extra stock fitting and track sessions which enhanced the weekend's effort. It was good to see so many coming back to better "understand" in their own minds what was trying to be presented.
The course followed the usual format of a shot across the tracks, a classroom session and then all one on one. The shot across the tracks first thing on Saturday morning was a bit daunting as there were a lot of changes that would need to be made, however by the end of Saturday it was a lot different view. The last shooter on Saturday managed to finish across the tracks a lot earlier than usual, probably due to the number of new shooters who were simply given feet and gun hold positions, rather than having to change old habits. There was therefore more time to shoot, apply and think about what had been presented to enhance their scores.
Sunday was review and then double rise with plenty of chance to practice. The weekend completed at about 11.30am with a few still shooting as the coaches left for home.
Thanks to Eddie and Steph for organising the weekend, for the opportunity to coach and also to Steph for the photos.

Gold Coast
February 12 & 13

The Gold Coast Gun Club provided another great venue for a DTL coaching weekend on the 12th and 13th of February 2011. A 7.30am start for coffee and an 8am start for the customary shot across the tracks ended up necessary to handle the 30 shooters who attended, as the last shooter finished their track work at 6.30pm. A few others were unable to attend and one in particular had to earn brownie points, but this is most important if one wishes to keep shooting during the year and we support his decision.
The coaches in attendance were Daryl Stevens on stock work, Rodney Woodrow and Richard Morrison doing both stock and track work. There were other coaches from the Gold Coast and Richmond River (NSW) who took the time to listen in and ask questions of the coaches to increase their knowledge and some of them went through the coaching to be coached as well.
Shooters came mainly from the Gold Coast with about 4 from Richmond River in NSW.
The gun fitting and pattern board section was once again provided with ample shade (to keep the tools cool), but it was quite a warm day for all in attendance. The coaching followed the usual format of Classroom, Pattern Board, Track work and then another layout to practice on in small doses. Once again many shooters took the opportunity to go back for stock alterations and track work questions, which helps knowledge retention or to just help the penny to drop.
Sunday morning at 7.30 was once again revision of the problems written on the board, to make sure they had been addressed, and then Double Rise. As the monthly competition sponsored by the Unpaid Bills needed to start at 9am, there was not the opportunity to shoot great lots, but the basics of shooting Double Rise were well covered for all that took the opportunity.

December 4 & 5
Atherton Gun club provided a great venue for a two day DTL coaching weekend on the 4th & 5th of December 2010.
Jar Smaniotto, who is being used as the discipline specific coach for ISSF, worked as the third coach but also did his Club level coaching accreditation over the two days of coaching as well as starting the paperwork on Friday afternoon. The other two presenters were Daryl Stevens for stock fit and Rodney Woodrow, who were ferried around and also hosted by Jar and Ed and their families, which was much appreciated and provided a saving to the State.
There were 25 shooters on Saturday and another 7 on Sunday who were unable to attend on Saturday. This number provides a good workload for the coaches but also allows the shooters to go back for extra stock fitting and track sessions which enhances the weekend's effort. Shooters came from Cairns, the local area and some travelling from as far away as Collinsville, which is a compliment to the host club.
The course followed the usual format of a shot across the tracks, a classroom session and then all one on one. The last shooter on Saturday managed to finish across the tracks at about 6pm. Daryl was spoilt with a cool tree to work under and a painter to do all his pattern board painting. I can say that he did appreciate it immensely.
The weather held out with only a few light showers on Saturday that didn't even chase shooters off the tracks, which was great, and Sunday's double rise session had calm conditions that allowed many to practice the points presented without the extra difficulty of strong winds moving the targets around.
The club presented Rod and Daryl with plaques of appreciation as they were leaving, which were humbly received but the pleasure was all ours. It is good to see the smiles and results which make the effort worthwhile. A special thanks to Jar for instigating this weekend and assisting with his knowledge, expertise and enthusiasm for promoting better shooting in all disciplines.

November 27 & 28

Roma Gun Club was the host for 25 shooters for a DTL coaching weekend on the 27th and 28th of November 2010 with a further 8 booked in that were unable to attend. A 7.30am start proved to be a dream and so it finally got underway at 8.30am with Richard Morrison, Daryl Stevens and Rodney Woodrow as the coaching team. With the usual 10 targets to allow the coaches a look at what was in store for them and then the classroom session, the one on one coaching got underway at approximately 10am. Showers of rain managed to chase everyone inside on several occasions and slowed proceedings down, but the last person managed to go across the tracks and be finished at 6.15pm.
Sunday morning saw the clocks on slow mode again and a start was made at 8.15am with revision of the previous day's problems that had been written on the whiteboard. The theory of Double Rise shooting was then covered before moving outside and on to the tracks to try and put theory into practice.
The coaching finished at 10.30am but many shooters continued to go back to the tracks to work on their Double Rise. The club managed to close up at 1pm which allowed the travellers to leave for home at a reasonable hour.

The weekend started at 1.30pm on Friday for three new coaches wishing to do their Club Coach accreditation. Robert Hoolihan (Barcaldine), John Rodden (Mackay)and Robby Cross (Gemfields) were taken through the basics of gun fit and stance, gun and eye hold points amongst many other things. There was also the compulsory paperwork and criteria to be met as well.
These three new coaches got to assist Daryl Stevens, Richard Morrison and Rodney Woodrow in coaching the 34 shooters that came for the coaching weekend.
The Central Zone always provides a good roll up with travellers from great distances. The coaching started at 8am with the group shot, for the coaches to see what was in store for them.
After the problems were written on the board for revision on Sunday morning, the basics of shooting were explained with any questions answered that were fielded.
After that it was all one on one. Firstly the pattern board and gun fit, then on the tracks looking at gun hold, eye hold etc. A second trap was opened up for those that had been through to try out what was presented to them and then come back for any gun fit or technique problems to be resolved.
Sunday was revision and then Double Rise coaching. The weather conditions made it interesting for the Double Rise, but the basic principles of shooting the event was what it was about.
The coaching weekend wound up at about 10.30am with a monthly shoot following. Due to the distances travelled, many could not stay, as 8+ hours travel was pretty normal for most participants.

Twenty people attended the Kingaroy coaching weekend on the 18th & 19th of September with an extra three fronting up on Sunday morning.
A 3.15 am phone call to the travelling coach from Roma just to remind him not to be late, only to find out at 10am that the start time had been altered from 8.30 to 10.30 made things a little tough at the end of Saturday, so a few shooters had to finish day one on Sunday.
As usual, the first day was all one on one after a group shot so the coaches could see what they were in for, and a short talk in the club house. Day two was reviewing the previous day's problem board and then Double Rise coaching with a couple of events to end the weekend.

Brisbane Gun Club
The first of hopefully more to come with Jar Smanioto flying down from Cairns to conduct this weekend on the 14th & 15th of August 2010, with Daryl Stevens and Rodney Woodrow providing the pattern board and checking gun fit before the shooters went back to Jar for the technical refinements.
Nothing is surprising when doing gun fit, but it is sometimes very interesting to see the where the gun patterns compared to where the shooter thought it should.
Jar gave a talk on the technical basics and then proceeded to work on each shooter individually to help them understand how to improve their ability after each shooter had been past the pattern board and gun fit.
After lunch to try and reduce the amount of concentration being burnt up from non- stop shooting, the participants were given an overview of vision training and then everyone got to use the different eye exercises. This presentation was about highlighting the need to look at all aspects of performance when competing in something as fast as ISSF.
Thanks to the Brisbane Gun club for generously hosting this event. The only cost was the nominations for the monthly competition on Sunday which was an enjoyable end to the weekend.
Unfortunately, no photographs were taken at this event.